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We are a team of passionate technologists and software engineers who believe in empowering businesses through technology. We innovate with our clients to achieve their business goals and outcomes.

CTO As A Service

  • Is your technology strategy struggling to keep up with market ?
  • Is your technology platform limiting your business capabilities and your ability to innovate ?
We develop adaptive technology strategies that help you out pace the market, create transient advantage and innovate so you can focus on your delivering value to your customers. We innovate with you and help you execute your strategy.

Gain transient advantage through technology

Team As A Service

  • Have you ever wished you could reap the benefits of an outsourced team without the hassles of managing one ?
  • Imagine if you could hire an entire team for the cost of one engineer, and yet deal with only one person ?
We are software craftsmen and provide fully managed software engineering teams to help you build your software products. We are experienced in a broad range of technologies and development methodologies.

You focus on the 'What', We focus on the ‘How'

Dashboards As A Service

  • Do your expensive data scientists spend time and effort sourcing and cleansing data instead of developing insights, which is where they bring value ?
  • You have all the data and analytics, but struggle to glean meaningful insights ?
We help engineer your data and provide meaningful dashboards to make sense out of your data. Instead of dealing with numerous tools. we deliver insights that you can use right away.

Make sense out of your data

Hiring As A Service

  • Did you wish you did not have to deal with yet another recruitment tool and deal with all the same problems ?
  • Have you wondered about why you paid recruiters when you do all the hard work from reading resumes to interviewing ?
Our Hiring as a Service is an end to end solution from screening, testing, interviewing to onboarding, all powered by our TalentCube plaftform

Simplified hiring platform

Our Technology Stack

Our 'Beginner's Mind' program helps our engineers to continuously learn and use better patterns, platforms, frameworks, libraries and languages. We craft secure, reliable, scalable, maintainable and portable software.

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Our Clients

We innovate with our clients. We believe in long term partnerships and not project based engagements.
We are selective about who we work with.

ThinkBridge has provided us with a predictable product innovation cycle that delivers value to our clients. They mean it when they say 'Outcome based fixed price'. If our mutually agreed goals are not met, we do not owe them anything !

Bill Klein - President, Consero Global Solutions

Their low touch model enables me to spend time focusing on customer acquisition and their satisfaction. I only have to talk to the client advocate from ThinkBridge for everything and do not have to worry about managing the team behind.

Mike Ussery - President, epSolutions

Join Us

Entrepreneurship as a career path, is a viable option


  • Is entreprenuership your career goal ?
  • Are you self directed, like to learn and build amazing software ?
We may be a good option for you. We look for people who have interesting perspectives, passionate about solving problems and never stops learning. We do not care as much for your credentials or past accomplishments. We look for what you want to do next and how passionate you are about that.

Autonomy, Continous Learning, Purpose Driven


  • Are you a freelance technologist or software engineer and want to remain independent ?
  • You want to scale yourself so you can bring your skills to more clients ?
Our partner program may be a fit for you. We look for individuals who are independent consultants who want to scale without having to build and run a company but using our people, process and tools.

Remain independent, Scale to a larger firm

Our employee benefits are a result of what our employees want

Flexible Workdays

Flexible Location

Above Market Pay

Flexible Vacation

Paid Training

Health Insurance

Sports Allowance

Retirement Benefits

Employee Ownership

Idea Academy

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